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Free Legal Help is an independent, impartial, and not-for-profit organisation which provides free information and assistance with legal and insurance problems. There are over thirty links to organisations that can help, details of people to complain to and help with the pursuing a legal action.

Solicitors Fees

Solicitors fees are based on an hourly conduct charge, broken down into ten six minute units - hence the clock!


Solicitors, along with paralegals and other semi-qualified staff, charge hourly rates which are set by the Government. Collectively these people are known as Fee Earners (i.e. they earn/charge a fee as opposed to, say, office support staff) and range from Grade A to Grade D according to experience and expertise. The relationship between the complexity of the case and the grade of the Fee Earner must be proportionate in order for a full costs recovery to be maade.


To see the current hourly rates click here.


In addition to charging for the time spent considering and pursuing your legal action - i.e. by researching the law and writing letters, a fee earner may alo have to incur fees known as disbursements.